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Case Study: Revenue Recognition for Multiple ERP at Woodward


Woodward recently completed one of its largest ever IT/Finance projects: an implementation of SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) for compliance with the new revenue recognition guidelines (ASC 606). We'll review Woodward’s system landscape and how it changed during the project, including making performance improvements and configuration changes in our core SAP system (aside from just the RAR changes). We’ll look at how Woodward managed and structured the project team, the process of choosing our consulting partner, the overall project timeline, and our training approach. We’ll also review lessons learned and challenges of the implementation, and what will be covered in the next phase of our revenue recognition journey.

  • Understand what to consider when implementing a single tool across multiple ERP systems
  • Discover when and why to engage other parts of the organization on a finance project
  • Gain tips on defining Performance Obligation (POB) types
  • Learn how to find and solve hidden errors
Sydnie McConnell

Sydnie McConnell is the lead SAP business systems analyst for Finance at Woodward, a leading aerospace and industrial manufacturer. Sydnie has over 15 years of experience with SAP Financials, both as an end user and a systems analyst. Her primary focus is on SAP Controlling, particularly product cost controlling and profitability analysis. Sydnie has worked on a variety of complex projects, including several global SAP ERP and BPC implementations and integrating multiple ERP systems into a single SAP general ledger. She is the author of two books on SAP: SAP ERP User Guide u2013 Tips to Increase Productivity and First Steps in SAP (2nd edition)

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