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Case Study: Product Costing at Eli Lilly and Company


In this session we'll review Lilly’s approach for SAP product costing. We'll discuss the overall process including timing and company organizations involved, configuration, program enhancements for the costing logic, the costing run, reporting, and other tools.

 Join this session to:

  • Explore the design for including materials, labor, and overhead costs into the standard cost of manufactured materials.
  • Discover Lilly’s approach for inter-company and intra-company costing.
  • Understand the use of SAP configuration and tools to create an efficient and effective product costing process for a large international company.
  • Review data stored in SAP that you can utilize to create useful cost reporting.

Register today and take away lessons learned from Lilly's approach to SAP product costing.

Ross Christoph

Ross Christoph is primarily responsible for the processes and solutions for Product Costing at Eli Lilly and Company on a global basis. Eli Lilly has manufacturing plants located in 13 countries and products marketed in 125 countries. Ross has been with Eli Lilly since 1999 and participated in the implementations of the SAP for product costing and other CO module functionality in many plants and countries around the world. Previously Ross has worked at other manufacturing companies focusing on internal accounting and financial roles since 1979 until becoming involved with SAP projects beginning in 1992. Ross has been a Certified Management Accountant since 1981. 

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