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Understanding Production Variances


SAP provides some very good tools for reviewing and managing production variances.  In this session we’ll look at how actual costs are assigned to orders and how those costs are compared to a standard for determining the variances.  Our focus will be the process of variance calculation and how the calculated variances are categorized.  We’ll review target cost versions to show how the variances calculated can be different for each version.  We will explore how each version can be used to help manufacturing fully understand and manage the variances.  The reporting of scrap is a normal part of production, and this will be explored to show how the effects of scrap impact order variances.  We’ll devote a portion of the session to sharing experiences with managing production variances and look at practices that provide the most benefit to your company.

Tom King

Tom King recently retired from Milliken and Company, a leading manufacturer of specialty textiles, floor covering, and chemicals based in Spartanburg, South Carolina with global manufacturing facilities, where he was a Senior Business Analyst. He has more than 30 years of experience at Milliken in manufacturing and product costing. Tom was lead CO analyst involved with the SAP implementation worldwide. He has written three SAP books: Practical Guide to SAP CO Templates, SAP S/4HANA Product Cost Planning Configuration and Master Data, and SAP S/4HANA Product Cost Planning Costing with Quantity Structure.

Case Study: Product Costing at Eli Lilly and Company


In this session we'll review Lilly’s approach for SAP product costing. We'll discuss the overall process including timing and company organizations involved, configuration, program enhancements for the costing logic, the costing run, reporting, and other tools.

 Join this session to:

  • Explore the design for including materials, labor, and overhead costs into the standard cost of manufactured materials.
  • Discover Lilly’s approach for inter-company and intra-company costing.
  • Understand the use of SAP configuration and tools to create an efficient and effective product costing process for a large international company.
  • Review data stored in SAP that you can utilize to create useful cost reporting.

Register today and take away lessons learned from Lilly's approach to SAP product costing.

Ross Christoph

Ross Christoph is primarily responsible for the processes and solutions for Product Costing at Eli Lilly and Company on a global basis. Eli Lilly has manufacturing plants located in 13 countries and products marketed in 125 countries. Ross has been with Eli Lilly since 1999 and participated in the implementations of the SAP for product costing and other CO module functionality in many plants and countries around the world. Previously Ross has worked at other manufacturing companies focusing on internal accounting and financial roles since 1979 until becoming involved with SAP projects beginning in 1992. Ross has been a Certified Management Accountant since 1981. 

Management Accounting in S/4HANA 1809


This presentation will focus on the key changes to product costing configuration and business process in S/4HANA 1809. We'll cover an overview of product costing processes discussing cost planning, costing runs, and period end close steps/reporting. The S/4HANA enhancements to costing runs will be covered with practical examples. Configuration options for COGS split, WIP, production variance, and production cost analysis will be covered and demonstrated with reporting outcomes. Lastly, Fiori apps that offer new analytical capabilities on production cost and material valuation/prices will be demonstrated.

  • Perform an overview of costing run enhancements including recurrence functionality
  • Explore COGS split by standard or actual cost component split
  • Understand WIP, production variance, and production cost analysis enhancements
  • Learn about new Fiori apps for material valuation, material price analysis, and production cost analysis
Tanya Duncan

Tanya Duncan is a Senior SAP FICO Consultant with Deloitte, the world's largest private professional services firm. She previously worked for Owens Corning, a Fortune 500 global building materials company in Toledo, OH. She is experienced in global SAP deployments across Consumer Products, Energy, and Life Sciences industries. Tanya authored The Essential SAP Career Guide, a beginner's guide to SAP careers for students and professionals, and Practical Guide to CO-PC (Product Cost Controlling). Her third publication, The Essential SAP Career Guide: Hitting the Ground Running was released in 2016.

Case Study: Complex Overhead Allocation Using Template Allocation


Two different clients in two different industries, pet food manufacturing and lumber milling, presented requirements for allocating overhead to product cost that could not be readily met with activity allocation on a routing or through costing sheets. This session will explain how the customer requirements were met using templates. The session will illustrate what led to the decision to use templates starting with the existing customer excel models and how these were translated into SAP configuration and master data elements to support template allocation. This session will demonstrate how templates are created and the configuration and master data steps required to make them usable for Product Costing and for Cost Object Controlling. Finally, we will see the results of the template allocation process in both standard cost estimates and in production and process order costs.

Join this session to:

  • Learn how templates offer a flexible tool to apply overhead to product cost and actual production
  • Explore how templates allow you to model more complex overhead allocations than activity allocations or costing sheets
  • Understand how you can use activation conditions in the template for more flexibility
John Pringle

John Pringle is the SAP FICO Competency Group Lead with Illumiti, an SAP Partner and a leading niche SAP systems integration and management consulting company based in Toronto, Canada. He is the product owner for the SAP all-in-one Mining Solution, an Illumiti all-in-one SAP solution. John has worked in SAP consulting for over 15 years and previously worked for PwC, IBM and Accenture. John is the author of Practical Guide to SAP Profit Center Accounting. Contact John at 

Tips and Tricks to Resolve Costing Run Errors in CK40N


Learn how the CK40N costing run works, and how to resolve common error messages.

Join your fellow attendees to:

  • Understand the purpose of each costing run step
  • Find out what causes remaining materials
  • Learn how to leverage costing levels for error resolution
  • Receive tips for tracking down the root cause of common error messages

Register today and learn about costing run steps and messages.

Terri Marquis

Theresa Marquisis a principal education consultant for SAP, where she focuses on the Controlling and Project System components. She has contributed to multiple SAP certification exams and facilitated the corresponding updates to SAP Education training books. As an education consultant, she works with companies to perform learning needs analysis to design tailored training plans for their employees. Terri hosts the Learning Room page for Project System certifications. 

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