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Guidelines for Evaluating a Controlling Area Merger


When configuring controlling areas and company codes for the first time you have the option to allow a many to one or one to one, company code to controlling area relationship. In this session find out which option suits your business, why your system is configured the way it is and the history of this SAP functionality. Critically we will discuss why your company could benefit from a controlling area merger. Discuss the benefits of a many to one controlling area. How to proceed with a controlling area merger, and review key points for a successful merger, e.g. cost center renumbering.

What are the prerequisites for a successful controlling area merger?

Rohana Gunawardena

Rohana Gunawardena is a highly experienced SAP Financials and Order-to-Cash consultant who has been working with SAP since 1992, focusing on the FI/CO modules with emphasis on complex data conversions, business segment reporting, cross-module integration to FI/CO, sales cycle accounting & A/R.

Specialties: Rohana has published many articles about SAP in:
* SAP Financials Expert (20)
* SAP SCM Expert (6)
* SAP Tips Magazines (4)

Rohana has presented many sessions at SAP conferences:


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