SAP Conference Overview


Currencies and Exchange Rates in SAP and S/4HANA


The presenter will give an overview of currencies in SAP:

  • Learn how currencies are maintained in SAP and updated in FI and CO
  • Important tables for currencies and exchange rates - TCURR, TCURX, TCURE, TRCURF
  • Currencies, currency types, exchange rate types, exchange rates
  • Transaction codes to maintain exchange rates - OB08, TBEX, TBD4
  • Currency types in FI, CO, ML, and CO-PA
  • How transactional data gets stored in tables, like TSL, HSL, and KSL
  • Programs and function modules to read exchange rates
  • Foreign Currency Revaluation transactions FAGL_FCV, its setup in OB09
  • Use of FBB1 for initial balances load
Ashish Sampat

Ashish Sampat is a qualified finance and costing professional with over two decades of industry experience in the SAP Finance and Controlling space. Ashish has been an SAP consultant for most of his career with various consulting organizations and now works as an independent SAP FI/CO consultant. He has provided solutions in several areas of SAP Controlling including product costing, material ledger, and cost center accounting to global clients in consumer packed goods, life sciences, and industrial sectors. Born and educated in India, Ashish now lives in suburban Chicago with his wife and two kids. Ashish is the author of: First Steps in SAP ControllingandExpert Tips to Unleash the Full Potential of SAP Controlling. Ashish is the recipient of 2017 Controlling Community Award. 

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