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SAP Central Finance Design Challenges


SAP offers Central finance - a deployment option, to leverage the latest innovations of S/4HANA by bringing in financial data from different ERP systems to the central finance system without disturbing existing operational processes. Customers implementing Central Finance with multiple-source ERP systems often face many design challenges. Understanding key design elements is critical for a successful central finance implementation. In this session, you will learn important general ledger design challenges and solutions.

 Many organizations have different ERP systems which include both SAP and non-SAP systems. Integrating such systems poses enormous challenges often involve manual month-end activities/processes to consolidate and report such data. To adopt SAP S/4HANA innovations quickly, SAP offers multiple pathways:

  • System migration (brownfield implementation)
  • Greenfield implementation
  • Central Finance

SAP offers SAP Central finance solution. a deployment option, to leverage latest innovations of S/4HANA by replication of posting data from different ERP systems to central finance system without disturbing the existing ERP systems. The source system can be SAP, non-SAP systems or customized home-grown systems. There are several advantages with this approach such as advanced segment/group reporting, scalable solution, transform business processes quickly. In addition, Central finance provides companies with an opportunity to harmonize master data on the fly and enable fast closing. In this session, you will learn key design challenges of central finance:

  • Introduction to Central finance
  • Harmonizing master data
  • Central processes
  • Controlling in Central Finance
  • COPA in Central Finance
  • Application interface framework (AIF)/Error handling
  • Use cases/Best practices


Anand Seetharaju

Anand Seetharaju is an SAP S/4HANA Financial and Controlling certified consultant and CPA with more than 20 years of experience including global SAP transformation projects for central finance, profitability analysis, project system, product costing, SAP Material Ledger, cash applications, capital asset management, leasing, global tax, management, and legal reporting. 

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