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Highlights from SAP Controlling Conference 2023

SAP Controlling Testimonial

I would just want to say a couple of words about the 2018 Controlling conference its just-right size, you are not too big, you are not too small. It gives you really great opportunity to talk with a speaker or something you might not get a chance to see in some of the other conferences. Chances are pretty good you'll actually see some of the speakers in some of the other sessions and you can ask your questions there. A lot of people are there who really want to network & I think it's you know one of the strong points of this conference.

"Wayne Davis"


Best conference!

The best conference I have ever attended. I got to meet the best in the industry.


Very valuable event!

I loved the conference. It is not any sales pitch which was the best part of it, People are really and genuinely sharing their knowledge.


Amazing networking!

This is my first attendance to the SAP Controlling Conference. I found a very warm and welcoming environment. I have been very impressed at the amount of intelligence and knowledge that has been shared. Highly Recommended.



SAP Controlling Testimonial

Controlling conference went very well for us. Controlling conference is a very valuable event providing a lot of details and insights about SAP CO. My favourite aspect of the Controlling Conference was a session about material ledger it provided a lot of answers and details about how to set up material ledger & how to use it and bring together with all other aspects like SAP FICO. I learned that Material ledger should be implemented right at the beginning especially when you set up S4 HANA, the new version of ERP system SAP.

"Rene Linser | Horvath & Partners"


SAP Controlling Testimonial

Hi I'm Raja Ram I'm from Hollister Incorporated Libertyville Illinois where a medical device company so I've been working on the a SAP application space on the design side for over 15 years now so one of the reasons I came to this conference was the fact that it is exclusively dedicated to the SAP Controlling area there's no other conference that this currently focused on a SAP controlling only okay and since I served that area and my company this conference has helped me refresh and reinforce my current understanding of the SAP controlling module it has also helped me find opportunities will my current landscape which have not explored earlier and this when explored...

"Rajaram Krishnan | Hollister"

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